The Buddha’s Feet, Gal Vihara, Sri Lanka


The serene image of the  Buddha in Parinirvana or on His deathbed  is a monumental rock-cut image of stunning poignancy and realism  at Gal Vihara in Polannaruwa. The upper foot—the left foot of the image—is slightly withdrawn to indicate that the image depicts that the Buddha has attained parinirvana, and is not merely lying down.

Gal Vihara otherwise known as  Uttararama is a rock-cut temple in the ancient city of Polannaruwa in Sri Lanka which was built in 12th CE under the patronage of the king Parakramabahu  I. It is the image of the Great Departure of the Buddha , the Parinirvana with the Buddha on His deathbed.  The image is 46 feet 4 inches (14.12 m) in length and is the largest statue in Gal Vihara and also one of the largest sculptures in South Asia. The Buddha is lying on his right side with the right arm supporting the head on a bolster, while the left arm lies along the body and thigh. The palm of the right hand and the soles of the feet have a single lotus flower carved on them.

The monumental images in Gal Vihara  have been carved out of a single, large granite rock face and are  among the best examples of the rock carving and sculpting arts of the ancient Sri Lanka.


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