Stucco frieze from Ek Balam, Mexico


Ek Balam is a Mayan site in Yucatan,  Mexico which from the   Preclassic until the Postclassic period was the seat of a Mayan kingdom reaching its peak during 770 to 840 CE.

Ek Balam, Black Jaguar, dates back to the Middle Pre-Classic (700-300 B.C) as indicated by pottery fragments found there. Most of its visible construction dates to its Late Classic heyday (600-900 A.D.). It was the capital of a Classic Period Kingdom known as Talol.  In the Terminal Classic(900-1100 A.D.) the name Ek Balam was used to either identify the site, or one of its rulers. The site then fell into a steep decline, and was eventually abandoned.

Ek Balam is known for its stelae which are carved stone commemorative slabs as well  as glyphic carvings and stucco friezes that   contain names of a series of rulers beginning with Ukit Kan Le’k Tok in 770 A.D. through Tz’ihb am Tuun in 841 A.D.


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