Spider Monkey of Yucatan, Mexico

The Yucatan spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi yucatanensis)  is one of the largest types of New World monkey. It inhabits Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. It is a social animal, living in groups of 20-42 members.

The Yucatan Spider Monkeys have black hair that is bristly and often matted. They also have a tan colour around their eyes, whiskers, chin and head area.

Well-known for their acrobatic talents with   long, lanky arms and prehensile tails help these monkeys  move gracefully from tree to tree. One long stride can cover an impressive 40 feet . Their long tails are also brought into use during the feeding process , either by hanging in suspension or picking up food. As a result, they can consume large amounts of foods in little time. Their diet consists of fruits and seeds and the occasional leaves, flowers and decaying wood but they also eat insects and bird eggs on rare occasions.

Every 2 to 3 years, females will give birth to one infant. She will be pregnant for 7 to 8 months and will carry it on her back for 2 years after birth. Spider Monkeys can live for about 25 years on average.


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