Siva Temple of Cholas, Sri Lanka


The Cholas,  a powerful  Tamil empire in  southern India  had conquered the Anuradhapuram kingdom in  northern   Sri lanka in 993CE  under RajaRaja Chola. The extent of  Chola rule in the island of Sri Lanka  was extended further  with the whole or most of the island  subsequently conquered and incorporated as a province of the vast Chola empire during the reign of his son Rajendra Chola.

Raja Raja Chola  commemorated his conquest of  Anuradhapura by constructing a Shiva temple (Siva Devalaya) at Polonnaruwa which has survived to this day. The plan, basement, wall, superstructure and ornamental motifs of Chola temples exhibit the characteristics of the contemporary small or medium-sized temples in the Chola heartland  in Tamil Nadu in South India

Chola rule in Sri Lanka lasted from in total about three-quarters of a century, from about 993  to 1070 CE, when Vijayabahu I recaptured the north and expelled the Chola forces restoring Sinhalese sovereignty.


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