Prayer Flags, Bhutan

Like the prayer wheels, prayer flags are ubiquitous and iconic in Bhutan and are seen around monasteries, chortens (stupas), llakhangs (temples), on the railings of bridges, mountain passes as well as some homes.

Infused with religious and cultural significance, these flamboyant red, green, blue, yellow and white flags can also be seen dotting the Bhutanese landscapes and near the summit of some mountain peaks. These symbolic flags not only add colour to a place, they are often hung high for the wind to blow as much compassion and blessings to all .

This picture shows a type of prayer flag called Lung Dhar  where  horizontal strings of small, colourful flags are hung on a diagonal line from high to low between two objects such as trees or stupas.

The centre of a prayer flag traditionally features a Lung Dhar (Wind horse) bearing three flaming jewels on its back.

The ‘Dhar’ is a symbol of speed and the transformation of bad to good fortune, while the three flaming jewels represents Buddha, Dharma (Buddhist Teachings) and the Sangha (Buddhist community). The different colours used in prayer flags represent the five elements of nature: red for fire, blue for water, yellow for the earth, white for the sky and green for vegetation.


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