Prayer wheel on a Mountain Track, Bhutan


The Kingdom of Bhutan , referred to by Bhutanese as Druk yul  or the Land of the Thunder Dragon, a reference to the country’s dominant Buddhist sect is a beautiful land-locked country in the Eastern Himalayas.    Situated on the ancient   Silk Road  between  Tibet, India  and South-east Asia, the Bhutanese state has a unique national identity based on Buddhism.

The country’s landscape ranges from lush subtropical plains in the south to the sub-alpine Himalayan mountains in the north, where there are peaks higher than 7,000 metres (23,000 ft) 

The forests of the central Bhutan mountains consist of Eastern Himalayan subalpine conifer forests in higher elevations and Eastern Himalayan broadleaf forests in lower elevations. Most of the population lives in the central highlands.

There are two main types of prayer wheels in Bhutan; the Mani wheels and the Lakhor prayer wheels. The Mani prayer wheels are smaller hand held prayer wheels that are usually used when individuals walk around Buddhist relics or temples. The Lakhor prayer wheels are large and placed in buildings like monasteries and temples. Usually there are up to 108 prayer wheels in each of these temples as it is considered to be auspicious and lucky. People usually walk clockwise as they seek blessings through turning each of these wheels.

In Bhutanese culture, prayer wheels and prayer flags are regarded as sacred tools  that are employed to achieve universal peace,  spreading love, compassion and blessings for all.


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