Potential Recruits to Monastic Life?

Mahayana Buddhism is inter wonen into the lives of the Bhutanese people.

Shaven headed monks and nuns wear deep burgundy and mustard yellow  coloured robes, Monks in Bhutan often come from poor backgrounds or from rural regions  . Parents place at least one son , from as young as five, six or seven years old within a monastery, often because they can’t afford to feed them or to pay for the uniforms or text books required at one of the government run schools. The monks will be ordained whilst still young, whereupon they’ll join a monastic order and go on to graduate to higher studies of Buddhism. In general, a monk’s life revolves around daily chores, Buddhist teachings and practising meditation alongside other subjects built into the monastic curriculum such as English and maths.

It’s not all work though and monks enjoy free time to relax or play games as well as meeting people and learning a bit more about the outside world. The sight of novice monks playing football or cricket is not unusual in Bhutan.Bhutanese monks do not get involved in politics or street demonstrations. Monks in Bhutan will also visit local houses and workplaces to perform ceremonial rites associated with numerous events, including births, marriages, deaths and illnesses as well as cleansing, blessing and inaugural ceremonies. Festivals are big events for monks who are often required to dance or play traditional instruments on various dates within the Tibetan lunar calendar.


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