Bhutanese Architecture

Bhutanese architecture is influenced by the codes of Buddhism. Iron bars and iron nails are strictly not used in the construction, which makes the Bhutanese architecture unique in the world.

All the new buildings are also constructed with slanted roofs, small windows and colourful wooden doors, just like the traditional buildings. This makes sure that there is a uniformity in the architecture style of buildings throughout the country. This unity in construction method and design gives the cities of Bhutan a scenic view, just like the glorious landscapes.

Most buildings have two or three stories. The size of windows is kept small for the first storey and it gradually increases as one ascends on the upper floors.

Timber and rammed earth are significantly used in the construction of houses in Bhutan. The walls of the houses are built using mud and rammed earth. In eastern regions of the country, however, houses are constructed using stone because of the climatic and geographical conditions. In lower altitudes, houses are made up of bamboo and wood, while the use of stone becomes more frequent in higher altitudes.  The interior of houses is generally decorated using paintings and wooden handicrafts


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