Nilgai, Gujarat, India


Nilgai, (Boselaphus tragocamelus), also called bluebuck, is the largest Asian antelope and it is indigenous  to the Indian subcontinent

Nilgai or “blue cow,” actually describes the blue-grey of adult bulls. (Cows are orange-brown ) The nilgai’s conformation, however, is more horse like than cow like, it has a long neck with a short upright mane, a bony narrow head, a barrel-like chest, strong legs, and high withers sloping back to the croup.

Nilgai antelope, evolved in peninsular India during the Tertiary geological period, where they are also currently found.  Nilgai antelopes are usually found in herds of about 10 animals, but larger groups of 20 to 70 have been seen. They are diurnal with most activity in the early morning and late afternoon.


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