Boats at Gomati Creek, Dwarka, India


Dwarka, an ancient harbour on the West coast of India and an important religious centre associated with the great Indian hero Krishna of the Hindus, has played an important role in the history of maritime activities of Okhamnadal region since the early historical period.

Gomati creek, located at the eastern side of Dwarka, served as a safe harbour till the 19th century AD.

Offshore explorations have brought to light a large number of stone structures which appear to be the remains of an ancient jetty.  d ery of a A large number of ancient stone anchors of various types has also been found in Dwarka waters. This flourishing port and religious capital is believed to have submerged under the sea after the death of Lord Krishna.  However there is increasing evidence from underwater research  that the site of the original Dwarka is situated submerged off the coast of a small island called Bet Dwarka.


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