Aina-Kari – Magic in Iran


Aina -Kari or mirror work is a  kind of  decorative art made by Iranian artists who assembled finely cut mirrors in  geometric, calligraphic or floral patterns  .This creates a beautiful shining surface covered with complex facets, reflecting light as intricate abstract patterns or glittering reflections. Beside their decorative use, this art is used as a strong durable cover for an interior space of a building. The art of Aina work was later  adopted by the Timurids in Uzbekistan and the  Mughals in India.

Shah Cheragh or the King of light mosque in Shiraz , “Ayeneh Khaneh” (Palace of Mirrors) in Qazvin -so called because a very large number of mirrors was used to decorate the interior of this palace , Isfahan’s  Chehel-Sotoun   Palace  are prime examples

In Qazvin, the palace had a very large veranda that faces the main entrance to the palace. All the columns, walls and ceilings of the veranda and main reception hall were covered with small pieces of mirror.

The decorative work in a mosaic of mirror glass, the inscriptions in stucco, the ornamentation, the doors covered with panels of silver, the porticos make the effect of these interiors truly jaw-dropping.



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