Minarets in Persia(1)

A Minaret is a slender and tall structure (tower) constructed on both sides of a mosque dome or domes of religious buildings.    was built during Parthian period  to guide the caravans. In the  remote past, minarets were used as guide posts. Caravans moving on the vast Iranian plateau, could find their routes in endless deserts and plains only by mean of such minarets.

Minarets were signs of nearly caravansary, towns, or inns. Minarets built along Persian Gull’ coastline and main ports, served as light houses. Land caravan and ship arrivals or departures, and possible attacks by pirates were signalled through these minarets by fire or smoke.

In Islamic period, minarets appeared shortly after mosques. Mosque minarets had mostly tile facings, while a grate number of minarets were built using brick alone. Their brick decorations were extremely fine and artistic.Brick work as decorative art of Iranian architecture developed to its highest triumph in many ancient structures, towers, and minarets.Altogether 12 slender and very tall minarets survive in Isfahan region, which are unique in their architecture and beauty. Unique architecture and first clan brick and mortar used in the construction of minarets have resulted in their surviving after 9 centuries in the earthquake prone land of Iran.


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