Mahabalipuram- East Coast of India : the Ten Avatars


In Mahabalipuram , on the East Coast of India  is found this  single monolith  stone tower that was initiated by the Pallava dynasty in the 7th  CE but probably never completed or  only partially completed by later empires . It represents the ten incarnations of Vishnu  the central God of the Hindu trinity . Vishnu is the God  that symbolises maintenance or continuation of life with Brahma as the Creator and Shiva as the Destroyer, all three  maintaining the eternal balance in the universe.

The ten Avatars of Vishnu, found all over India in sculptural representation, from ancient literature and sacred texts actually tell the story of the evolution of man. This concept of the ten Avatars well established across India for at least 3000 years , defines the c=Hindu concept of the story of humankind , starting from simple marine life forms, evolving over millions of years from aquatic to terrestrial life , to half- man-half animal, then to becoming hunter-gatherers. Further more rapid evolution to  becoming pastoralists , agrarians. the formation of urban societies to complex warring and politicking empires eventually  ending in the final destruction of humanity by Man himself.


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