Grooming time , Gujarat, India


Grey Langur monkeys go about their daily routines in Pathan, Gujarat in the West of India. Grooming each other, chasing ringed neck  parrots that got too close and climbing in and out of the Pathan aqueduct’s massive stones

Grey Langur monkeys, also known as Hanuman monkeys (Semnopithecus hector) are large furry primates that are mainly grey in colour, with black faces and ears. Langurs mostly walk on all four and spend half their time on the ground and the other half in the trees. Grey langurs are primarily herbivores.

Hanuman langurs are named after the Hindu god, Hanuman, the deity of healing, who is often depicted as part-man, part-monkey.

The other residents of the site were the beautiful   rose-ringed parakeets or Alexandrine parakeets (Psittacula krameri) known to mimic voices with astonishing clarity


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