El Caracol Observatory, Chichen Itza, Mexico


El Caracol or the Observatory  is a unique structure at  the pre-Columbian Maya civilization site of Chichen Itza. It derives this name from      ‘snail’ in Spanish, is so named due to the spiral staircase inside the tower.

The structure is dated to around AD 906, the Post- Classic period of pre-Columbian Maya civilization site.

The El Caracol was an ancient Mayan building , an observatory ideally located in the flattened landscape of the Yucatán around Chichen Itza .

The tower atop El Caracol sits high on a four-cornered   platform and gives excellent unobstructed views of the skies and surrounding landscape.

In particular, El Caracol seems to be carefully aligned with the movement pattern of Venus had tremendous significance for the Maya; this bright planet was considered the sun’s twin and a war god. Mayan leaders used the changing position of Venus to plan appropriate times for raids and battles.


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