A Sufi in Iran

Sufism or  Tasawwuf , also known as Islamic mysticism, representing the inward dimension of Islam actually began very early in  Islamic history. Sufis have been characterized by their  ascetism, especially by their attachment to  dhikr , or the practice of remembrance of God, They gained adherents among a number of Muslims as a reaction against the worldliness of the early  Omayyad Caliphate(661–750) and have spanned several continents and cultures over a millennium, initially expressing their beliefs in Arabic and later expanding into Persian. Turkic, Punjabi and Urdu among others.

While all Muslims believe that they are on the pathway to Allah and hope to become close to God in Paradise—after death and after  the Last Judgement, Sufis also believe that it is possible to draw closer to God and to more fully embrace  the Divine presence in this life. The richness and wonder of great Sufi music and poetry  have had enormous worldwide appeal. Great Sufi poets such as Rumi, Hafiz, Omar Khayyam are admired and respected worldwide.

Persecution of Sufism and of Sufi Muslims over the course of centuries which continues to this day , has included acts of destruction of Sufi shrines,tombs and mosques, suppression of Sufi orders, murder and terrorism against adherents of Sufism in a number of Muslim majority countries orchestrated by  puritanical brands of Islam.



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