Through the Siq – Petra, Jordan


The main access to the famous Treasury or Al-Khazneh at Petra is through a long gorge called the Siq ,1.2  kms long and with walls 70 m high. The remains of Nabatean water channels are seen on either side of the Siq. The  beautiful colours and strange  rock formations in Petra and Wadi are unique. This wonderful, timeless artwork of nature, beautiful patterns that look like abstract paintings and shapes that defy description, are  integral to the powerful effect that Petra has on us, as much if not more than the monuments themselves. The colours are derived from various manganese and iron oxides, along with hydroxides of minerals the sandstone itself.


Prints : Available as Giclee print on finest quality paper or  canvas. International shipment

Sizes available: 8 x 12″(203 x 305 mm); 12 x 16″(305 x 410mm); 18 x 24″(457 x 610 mm); 24 x 32″ (610 x 813mm)

For list of prices, details of paper or canvas and pigments used,  please get in touch via contact form