The Seven Pillars of Wisdom- Wadi Rum , Jordan


Known by the Beduoin as Jabbal Al Mazmar, this mountain has been named the Seven Pillars of Wisdom in honour of the book of the same tile by T.E.Lawrence ( Lawrence of Arabia). With seven turrets this spectacular mountain appears to have been planted directly on the glowing sands of Wadi Rum. Five turrets are immediately visible and two others are  folded around the .


Prints : Available as Giclee print on finest quality paper or  canvas. International shipment

Sizes available: 8 x 12″(203 x 305 mm); 12 x 16″(305 x 410mm); 18 x 24″(457 x 610 mm); 24 x 32″ (610 x 813mm)

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