Orsi at Nasir-al Mulk Mosque , Shiraz, Iran


Stained glass was probably  used before appearing in Western churches. The earliest discovered was in  Syria from the 7th century

Orsi or stained glass Orsi windows are  made of a mixture of wood and colourful glass in the Safavid and the Qajar dynasties.

Orsi differs from stained glass used in many churches and Ottoman mosques which serve as illuminated images rather than a source of light. Light is a major feature in many mosques considering it being a major symbol of God.

Orsi in Nasir al Mulk mosque ( built between 1876-88) creates a major definitive feature that makes up the colourful spiritual feeling of awe in the visitor when entering. The main purpose of Orsi is creating colourful light on the interior of the building. The mosque has seven wooden doors with colourful Orsi connecting the interior mosque to the open courtyard. Orsi windows are characterized for using geometric shapes in their designs due to the prohibition of images and icons in Islamic art


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