Cenote , Tulum in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico


Cenotes are natural sink holes formed 6500 years ago by the collapse of porous limestone bedrock of the Yucatan peninsula, revealing a secret subterranean world of groundwater pools. The thousands of cenotes and underground rivers are the area’s main source of water, thereby revered by the Mayas. Cenotes were also  considered as passages to the underworld and a portal to speak with the Gods,

The pristine turquoise waters pierced by shafts of sunlight in the cenotes are kept clear and pure by the earth meticulously filtering water through the limestone. Amazing sheets and pillars of stalagmites and stalactites formed over millions of years within these cenotes conjure    scenes that could have come from an alien landscape in a faraway galaxy for a diver. An advanced level wr tunnels.

Some cenotes especially the Cenote Angelita In Tulum, a deep vertical shaft of 60 mt , create a surreal halocline effect where the salt water of the sea mixes with the fresh water of the  feeding river .


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