Base of Votive Stupa at Mohra Muradu, Pakistan


Along with Jaulian, the Buddhist remains at  Mohra Muradu have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The city was built in the 2nd century CE and renovated in the 5th century thus placing it in the Kushan dynasty age.   The ancient monastery is located in a valley and offers a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains. The monks could meditate in peaceful surroundings  yet near enough  to the city of Sirsukh to go for begging  for alms as it is only around 1.5 km away. The excavations have revealed remains of a Buddhist  monastery and two stupas. The main stupa is built on a foundation more than 4.75 meters high. The smaller, votive, stupa lies behind the bigger one

An enormous stupa was strangely placed  in one of the rooms of the monastery, probably dedicated to the memory of one of the teachers who used to live in the room where it is located. The umbrellas were once coloured. The monument is about 4 meters high.


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