Dazzling Mirrorwork at Lahore Fort , Pakistan


The Sheesh Mahal, or the Palace of Mirrors is a spectacular monument   located within the Shah Burj (King’s Pavilion) block in northern-western corner of  Lahore Fort originally built by Akbars’s son , the Emperor Jahangir. It was constructed  in 1631–32 under the reign of  Shah Jahan who built the Taj Mahal . The ornate pavilion of white marble  is inlaid with pietra dura and complex mirror-work of the finest quality, an art known as Ayina-kari ( Glass-art). The hall was reserved for royal use by the  imperial family or close aides .  The chamber was exclusively used for private council meetings as part of the daily routine of the emperor, whereas the whole block was only accessible to the imperial princes, the vizier  and a few selected courtiers.

The facade of Sheesh Mahal consisting of five cusped marble  arches  supported by coupled  columns which  opens into the  courtyard. The engrailed  spandrels  and bases were  inlaid with  precious stones, The semi-octagonal pavilion  consists of apartments roofed with  gilded cupolas and intricately decorated with  pietra dura, convex glass and complex mirror mosaics (ayina kari) with thousands of small mirrors. At night  candles were lit for a jaw-dropping effect! .

It is among the 21 monuments that were built by successive Mughal emperors inside Lahore Fort, and forms the “jewel in the Fort’s crown.” As part of the Lahore Fort Complex it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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