Badami Cave Temples -Karnataka, India


The Badami cave temples are a complex of  Hindu and Jain cave temples located in what is now the tiny town of  Badami  in northern Karnataka. The caves are unique examples of  Indian rock-cut architecture  of  Chalukya dynasty which dates from the 6th century. Badami was previously known as Vataapi , Badami, the capital of the early Chalukya Empire which ruled much of Karnataka from the 6th to the 8th century. Badami is situated on the west bank of a man-made lake ringed by an earthen wall with stone steps; it is surrounded on the north and south by forts built in later times.

The Badami cave temples represent some of the earliest known examples of  the Hindu architecture in the Deccan region. They along with the temples in Aihole transformed the Malaprabha River valley into a cradle of temple architecture that influenced the components of later Hindu temples elsewhere in India.  Among various sculptures of Hindu divinities and themes, a prominent carving is of the Tandava  dancing  Shiva as Nataraja.


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