The Wise Simpleton, Bukhara, Uzbekistan


Nasreddin Khoja is a national hero of the national folklore of Central Asia and Middle Eastern countries. A bronze monument to Nasreddin Khoja is located in the central city square of Bukhara, beside the “Lyabi-Hauz” complex. It was installed in 1979 and  it  certainly gives an air of joy and humour to the ancient atmosphere of traditional buildings. This is the image of a wise man and a simpleton at the same time. In all the parables and anecdotes, the cunning old man with his faithful donkey companion wandering around the cities, getting into various troubles and finds a way out of the most delicate situations with the greatest benefit.

Nasreddin or Nasreddin Hodja or  Mulla Nasreddin Hooja was a  Turkish born  satirist who lived in the 13th century. He was a  populist philosopher , a Sufi and a wise man, remembered for his funny stories , jokes and anecdotes. He appears in thousands of stories, sometimes witty, sometimes wise, but often, too, a fool or the butt of a joke. A Nasreddin story usually has a subtle humour and a  deeper meaning.

For  people of Uzbekistan , Nasreddin is one of their own; he is said to have lived and been born in  Bukhara. In gatherings, family meetings, and parties they tell each other stories about him that are called “latifa” of “afandi”. There are at least two collections of stories related to Nasriddin Afandi. He is depicted astride his donkey.


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