Rukmini Temple , Dwarka , India

The Rukmini Devi Temple is a temple in Dwarka ,  Gujarat, India  dedicated to Goddess Rukmini (lord  Krishna’s chief queen). The temple is said to be 2,500 years old but in its present form, the architectural style indicates  that it belongs to the 12th century CE

Rukmini was the princess of Vidarbha – the area around the current day Nagpur in Central India. this beautiful princess  was to be married to Sisupala – the king of Chedi. However, she had heard so much about Lord Krishna  that she has made up her mind to marry only Him.

She wrote a letter to Sri Krishna declaring her love and her intent to marry him. In this epistle, Rukmini asks Krishna to kidnap her .when She sends this letter which is all of seven verses or slokas through a messenger.

In these verses , Rukmini  begins by praising Krishna, then telling Him that she wants to marry Him. She then instructs Him about the exact way to capture her in the middle of her wedding proceedings. She does include the possibility of war and bloodshed. In the end, she leaves a veiled threat  – that if You do not come, I will wait over several births till You do ! – Probably the  world’s first recorded love letter !

This letter is still read every day at Dwarkadish temple . It is said that women who want to get married to their desired man should read this.

Krishna kidnapped her as per the plan and they did get married. This marriage ceremony is enacted even to this day in Dwarka with a grand wedding procession from Dwarkadish Temple ( Krishna’s temple) to Rukmini’s Temple, some 2 kms away.



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