10. The Belligerent Camel, Gujarat, India


I had the chance to witness an epic battle in the desert land of the great Rann of Kutchh. A belligerent camel trying to run away and a Rabari family persuading it not to.

I sat watching and listening to the angry grunts and groans from the camel and shouts from the Rabari couple for well over 20 minutes before the grumbling camel stood still and knelt for its cargo to be unloaded. Each camel carries the entire household goods, utensils, their cot, clothes and the kitchen sink!!

The Rabari are nomadic cattle and camel herders. This group had well over 70 camels. The majority are of the Hindu faith, and believe they were created by the Great Mother Goddess or Matadevi.  Unusual as it is for India, theirs is a matriarchal society, with women running most of business and administrative matters in the villages, while men are in charge of the animal herds

One of their creation myth involves the Mother Goddess moulded a camel from the dirt just for her own amusement. The belligerent creature, however, kept running away, so the Mother Goddess created the first Rabari to mind it. Having personally witnessed the struggle between camel and Rabari, I am truly tempted to believe in this myth and have created this painting to honour it !


Original:  Oil on canvas ; 12 x 16″  (305 x 410mm) ; framed

Limited Edition Print : Available as Giclee print on finest quality paper or  canvas. International shipment

Sizes available: 8 x 12″(203 x 305 mm); 12 x 16″(305 x 410mm); 18 x 24″(457 x 610 mm); 24 x 32″ (610 x 813mm)

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